Luna Scortegagna is a published and award-winning artist from Italy

Class of 1992, she has been drawing since childhood inspired by her father’s talent and after his passing she has continued to keep his memory alive through her art.

She studied Fine Art in Vicenza, Architecture in Venice and Exhibition Design in Milan, earning two degrees with honors. Then she worked as a rendering artist and designer for several years before becoming a freelancer to fully focus on digital art and illustration. She won the 1st prize in an International Fine Art Competition at the age of 16 and exhibited her works in Italy and abroad (Beijing, Melbourne, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Krakow, etc.). Her 12 picture books have been translated into different languages and sold worldwide, enjoying great success among children and adults.

Among other projects, she is now dedicating herself to more personal works to further develop her artistic research and she is also spreading the messages behind her creations on the big stages of theaters.

“Between graceful creatures and a magical imagination, every artwork is a gift for your eyes and your heart”.

Main Exhibitions and Awards
TEDx Countdown - Vicenza (Italy), 2023
⭒ Top 10 - International Art Competition by PopovySisters - Saint Petersburg (Russia), 2022
Meraviglie Sommerse - Vicenza (Italy), 2022
⭒ 1st Prize - Best Wacom Workspace Competition by Wacom - Kyiv (Ukraine), 2021
Beijing International Book Fair - Beijing (China), 2019
IDEA! Esporre Allestire Mostrare - Milan (Italy), 2017
⭒ 1st Prize - International Fine Art Competition by Youth Center of Culture - Tychy (Poland), 2008

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Natura Morta

Natura Morta aims to spread awareness on the problem of soil extinction.In a desolate desert land a small patch of brown soil stands at the center of the scene. It's the last healthy piece of soil on Earth and it is placed outside the surface to show us all its richness through its complex stratifications, variety of colors and different shapes that we usually fail to notice as they're jealously kept hidden underground, like a precious treasure. A treasure that we risk losing forever. We can perceive this by looking at all the plants born from it that are now withering. Among them, a little doll looks helpless with her sad eyes to their terrifying fate. A fate that may have already become a past, in fact, the only living thing in the scene seems to be the doll herself. The rose, then, is a reference to the Beauty and the Beast's enchanted rose, a symbol of time running out and a desperate and silent call for love."Natura Morta" is an Italian term to indicate "Still Life" art, which literally means "Dead Nature". Better keep it a figure of speech and not let it become a tragic future, so let's take care of our Mother Earth by giving her back all the love and attention she has given us for all these years.

The artwork placed in the top 10 of an International Art Competition promoted by PopovySisters in 2022.

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Work in progress...

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